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Midterm Prep


by Mia Shelton

T-minus one week until dreaded midterms creep upon us.  The stress lurks upon us in the air as we all struggle to prepare.  Midterms don’t always have to be stressful if time is alluded properly, which is something many struggle with.  Teaching ourselves how to balance self-care and midterm prep can help make this dreaded time worthwhile and help us in the future.  Here are some hopefully helpful tips on how to tackle midterms.  

Starting with the obvious, plan out your time.  Starting now, you could add a small amount of studying each night to your homework.  Plan for when you have other exams or quizzes so you are sure you will have the appropriate amount of time.  Doing thirty minutes to an hour of studying each night will help refresh your brain to prevent cramming.  This way you will be able to recall information easier for your midterm.  This same technique is also useful for papers that are a pain to write.  Creating a word bank of vocabulary terms after each lecture can help you focus on the important terms and definitions you need to know.  This will make it easier for midterms as well, since you will know what you need to focus on.  

Teachers are the best resource when you are confused.  Don’t be scared to contact your professors when you need it the most.  It might feel intimidating, or that they will deflect your request for help, but a good professor will always meet with their students.  Student tutoring is a great recourse as well.  Fellow students that have had your same professor can give you tips for their tests and how to study in the future.  

Gather a group of fellow classmates to go to the library to study.  Find ways to make studying fun!  This will encourage you and your peers to study more.  Something as simple as playing hangman using vocabulary definitions.  Whoever gets the word, must say the definition.  Then, they will choose the nest word.  

Make sure to take care of yourself during midterm week.  Celebrate your accomplishments and how you got there.  Putting in the effort can be difficult sometimes, so be forgiving when needed.  Making sure you cut off studying at a certain time to allow for sleep can encourage healthy study habits.  At the end of the day, make sure you put yourself first and reward yourself with your favorite treat!  Good luck to all during this stressful time!