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On the DC Beat: Thank You for the Music


by Devon Mitchell

240 miles away from Roanoke College, Washington DC stands as a beacon for American politics, life, and culture. I am fortunate enough to be spending this Spring semester living, learning, and working in DC. I have decided to take advantage during my time here in the DC music scene. Everywhere you go in the Nation’s Capital, there is an opportunity to experience music if you look for it.  

During my first few weeks, I have been searching for any show, concert, or musical performance I can see. I have a couple of tips and tricks for any of your future DC semester students, or anyone looking to take a visit to DC.  

My first tip is to know the big music venues and follow them on Instagram. The 9:30 Club and the Anthem are two big venues that post when bands and acts announce show dates. I will occasionally view their social media to see what shows are coming up and if there are any new bands I have never heard of. 

My next tip is to know smaller local venues. I recently found out about the Pie Shop, a venue that sells pie and has live music. They host mostly smaller local bands but offer the perfect opportunity to expand your musical palette while enjoying a nice slice of pie.  

My final tip is to talk to friends and locals about what shows they are going to see. Networking, in general, is so important in Washington DC, you might as well ask about music while you are participating in professional development. I’ve learned about a lot of the shows I am planning to go to through advisors and friends who are more familiar with the area than I am. 

I have lots of musical events planned for this upcoming semester and I am wicked excited to share them with the Brackety-Ack. Stay tuned to see where the DC beat takes me.