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Crafted with Love


by Mia Shelton

Valentine’s Day, a time to express your appreciation for significant others, friends, and family.  Handing out personally made valentines can show extra appreciation for whoever you are gifting it to.  That extra flare can take a relationship further.  Gift that special someone something sweet with these easy Valentine’s Day crafts! 

You will need:

Felt, or tissue paper, in the colors of your choice

Hot Glue



Taking the felt, cut small hearts the size of an average rose petal.  About ten will be enough to wrap around the lollipop.  Using hot glue, or any form of adhesive, stagger the heart petals around the lollipop.  Keep gluing the petals until personally satisfied. Tie a sweet, personalized note with ribbon around the stick, or stem, to express your feelings for that special someone.  

A second craft that might be fun to complete with friends are Valentine’s Day dinosaurs.  

You will need:

Regular printer paper

Paint in the color of your choice


Construction/ Colored paper

Googly eyes (optional)

Taking a paper plate, cut it in half.  This will be the body of the dinosaur.  Using the paint of your choice, paint the half of the paper plate.  Set it aside to dry.  Taking a piece of colored paper, cut a triangular tail, or any tail shape of your choice.  Cut a “P” shape for the head.  Draw an eye on the head or use a googly eye.  Add any defining characters, like a smile, eyelashes, nose, or anything of your preference.  Cut two rectangles for the feet and draw on toenails.  Cut out smaller triangles for spikes down the back.  Once the plate is dry, use a colored marker, or a different color paint.  Use this to create fun designs on the body of the dinosaur.  Customize how you wish- make it your own.  Enjoy your time with friends and complete this cute craft!

Enjoy these Valentine’s Day crafts and remember that it isn’t about being in a relationship.  Spend this time enjoying yourself and being with people you love.  This is a holiday of love, love yourself, friends, parents, grandparents, pets, or anyone you love.