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The Break Up Playlist You’ve Been Looking For


by Lucy Collins

  • Happier Than Ever: Billie Eilish
    • This song starts slow but picks up quickly. It appeals to emotions of sadness, in the beginning with Eilish’s sorrowful tone of voice. In the second half of the song, Eilish fires up her voice and the listener in a way to move from the person that broke their heart.
  • Potential Break up Song: Ally & AJ
    • This 2000’s classic is one that you should scream sing with friends who make you feel good. Ally & AJ make the individual listener feel independent and strong through their story of overcoming a breakup. 
  • I Hate You: SZA 
    • SZA’s song is one that makes the listener feel a sense of nostalgia for the relationship but negativity toward the individual who hurt them. It also fulfills the realization that the relationship was not good for them, accompanied by the hooks that SZA throws through the song.
  • Before He Cheats: Carrie Underwood 
    • This song is a remarkably relatable song for whomever has been cheated on. Carrie Underwood evokes a sense of sassiness and empowerment in the listener through her vengeful lyrics and powerful voice. 
  • Since You Been Gone: Kelly Clarkson
    • This song conveys the immense pain that an individual goes through during a breakup, which is emphasized through Clarkson’s strong vocals. A great throwback song which has been coined as one of the strongest pop-ballads of the 2000s. 
  • Gives You Hell: All American Rejects 
    • This song conveys a snarky attitude, although the band did not write this as a breakup song. The more uplifting tone of the song gives the listener a more positive attitude in relation to moving on from a relationship and dissing whoever wronged them. 
  • No Scrubs: TLC 
    • This classic hit is a complete diss from group TLC. It is a great song to listen to when you don’t want to put up with someone who is treating you wrongfully in a relationship. 
  • Vienna: Billy Joel 
    • Vienna is a song that will appeal to emotions of sadness. Joel’s nostalgic lyrics evoke a feeling of melancholy in the listeners. It is a great song for a good cry. 
  • Yesterday: The Beatles 
    • This is an acoustic classic. It is often regarded as one of the greatest love ballads. Although it may make the listener feel sad, the lyrics allow this listener to remember the good parts of the relationship while questioning what happened to the love. This can be necessary in order to effectively move on from someone. 
  • Nothing Breaks Like A Heart: Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus 
    • Cyrus’s gritty voice really helps fill this sad song with vigor. This song is a sad banger. It has a great feel to it while the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking. 
  • I’m Still Standing: Elton John 
    • This is a song that appeals to anyone on the receiving end of a breakup, with an upbeat tone. This is a great song that makes the listener feel that they are moving on from their ex and that they’re completely fine.
  • Wasted Time: The Eagles 
    • This song really evokes the soul of singer Don Henley. He speaks of wasted time in relationships. In the song there is not necessarily a happy ending, but a resolution for a damaged soul.
  • Someone Like You: Adele 
    • Adele’s heart wrenching lyrics are only backed by a piano throughout this entire song. Although the lyrics are sad, they convey a more mature story of how to move from a relationship and find a better reality. 
  • I’m Gonna Find Another You: John Mayer 
    • This is definitely a breakup song. It really conveys how sometimes in a relationship, the person is sad to see them go, but realizes there is a chance to find someone better, even if that sounds vain. This is an irresistible soul number accompanied by John Mayer’s soulful voice and brilliant guitar playing.