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Maroons Talk: Crave Town

By Sydney Young

There is a new dining option on campus, and its name is CraveTown! As the new late night dining option it will be open from 7-10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 5-10:30 p.m. on Saturday. They offer a variety of food including personal pizzas, crunchadillas, flatbreads, salads, and are establishing mobile orders! Late night dining is important to the schedules of many students, especially athletes who have to fit food around their training schedule. Over the course of one year we have already had 3 different late night options and are set to have our fourth open sometime this Spring semester. 

“I miss having Cavern open, I really loved the chicken sandwiches and cookies that they had. It was a really reliable place to go get food at night and CraveTown has had a really rocky start and now the mobile ordering doesn’t work. I am excited to try the crunchadlias that they have, and maybe find a new favorite like I had at Cavern” 

-Abby Young

“I got the classic cheese quesadilla and it was a 6/10, it was edible but not the best thing I’ve ever had. I like that we have a new option, and I am curious if this is similar to what the “new Cavern” will be like. Mobile ordering doesn’t work half the time and if I wanted to eat and it doesn’t let me order that is incredibly frustrating. I really like that if I’m not hungry for dinner when Commons is open I can eat later. I don’t have to stick to the time constraints of the main dining schedule. So far it’s been a pretty mediocre experience, but I am curious to try the pizzas and give it another shot.”

-Raigan Linquist

“When I went, I got the Chipotle Chicken Club Flatbread, and it was a 5/10. There are kinda no other options for late night and honestly if I’m fed I don’t really care. I do really want to try the classic cheese pizza next time I go just to see how it is. I really do not like that it’s only by mobile order, I would rather just go in and order because I find that easier. I don’t really like Commons dinner so having something else is nice. The concept of Cravetown was better, but the Commons sandwiches [offered at the end of last semester] were better tasting and a simpler concept.” 

-Jessica Hayed

Our final “Folk from Noke” will be me myself, and I. Personally, I am not a late night dining person. I am perfectly fine eating at Commons every night. However, I am very aware that makes me an anomaly. So I know how important these options are to students, and what a nice treat it is to have them available to students like me. It’s fun to have a new option because it switches up the repetition of having the same food pretty regularly.

What do you think of CraveTown? Let us know, and keep reading the BA for more updates on Roanoke campus news from your fellow students!