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New Semester, New Me

By Marisa Seager

Personally, I have never been a much of a fan of the phrase “new year, new me,” but I do like this one: “new semester, new me.” 

Committing to a list of year-long resolutions can be a bit much, but for a college student a new take on the semester could change everything. While it might be too late to sign up for classes that you usually might not have, there are some other ways to mix things up.

Here are a few ideas on how to start out the new semester:

New Study Habits

At least for returning students, we have all learned by now what does work and what doesn’t work during the school year. So, use exactly that to guide what you do in the new semester! This could mean anything from changing the ways you study, how much you study, and so on. 

New Take on Self Care

Although our stress, especially during the school year, seems to take over at times, it is important to not forget about ourselves. In order to manage your stress better, try finding a creative outlet or other form of personal time. This could mean anything from exercising to journaling to just dedicating some relaxation time to keep you from overworking yourself.  

New Healthy Habits

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed I am halfway through my junior year, and I still hadn’t gone to the gym on campus. Well, it’s time to change that. Since returning to campus with the first phase of students, I have started a five day a week plan to visit the gym for about an hour per session. Aside from the soreness of getting into a more active routine, I have felt great so far. It’s also been a great way to take my mind off of the stressful start of a new semester. 

However, try not to get so stuck on the “new me” aspect of all this and just keep in mind that there are always new methods and activities to try, whether pertaining to the semester or not.