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A Snowy Soundtrack


By Mia Shelton

Happy winter!  Snow is falling and the temperature is dropping.  Everyone is bundling up for warmth and enjoying company of friends.  Winter can be a great time to reminisce and enjoy the beautiful scenery nature paints for us.  Having a pristine playlist can help bring out the beauties of a wintertime walk, and associate good memories with a song. Here are a few emotion evoking songs to add to your playlist this wintertime. 

If you are looking for a calm R&B Soul song that guides your feet on a walk “Cold War” by Cautious Clay.  Another mellow song that frees you from your mind is “Mirrorball” by Taylor Swift.  This song makes one grab their partner and dance in the refrigerator light.  This song is also great for when you are stuck in your head and need a breather.  It will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.  

A nice upbeat song that will leave you feeling like the main character this winter is “Lost”, by Frank Ocean.  This pop soul song will have you dancing around your room and singing with a hairbrush.  Another feel good song to dance to is “The Spins” by Mac Miller.  This song will be on repeat until every line is memorized.  These two songs pair great when you want to turn the volume up and go crazy.  Some other honorable mentions are: “Guilty Conscience” by 070, “Shoot” by Tommy Lefroy, “For You” by Delaney Bailey, “Pink Slips” by Jenna Doe, and “My Ego Dies At The End” by Jensen McRay.  

Music can add so much to a moment and can recall great memories.  Throughout this wintertime, remember to relax with some music, and capture memories as you make them.  Remember to stay safe and warm this winter season.  Be kind to yourself and others and prepare for the cold months ahead!