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Next Binge: “Euphoria” Season Two

By Anna Tillman

     HBO Max’s “Euphoria” is an iconic series worth binging. Everything about the show draws in the viewers and makes you feel mesmerized. The fashion, makeup, lighting, acting and music all blend together to create a feeling of euphoria while watching the show (get it?).

     The series follows high school teenagers struggling with the ups and downs of life. Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, is the main character of the series. Zendaya brings this disheartened character to life and makes viewers want to give her a hug. Rue is a teenage girl struggling with substance use disorder. The series starts with her just getting out of rehab and trying to reacclimate to her life. 

     In the first season, each episode is narrated by Rue. Every episode is about a character that Rue knows, and you get to know each character very deeply. In this show there are no side characters, because the viewers know so much about every person in the show. It makes this series more personable, because it is easy to find a character you can relate to in some way. 

     All the teenagers in this show are battling something, such as body image issues, sexual assault, substance abuse, etc. As a viewer, you are constantly riding the highs and lows of this show with the characters. The best part of this show is that it is very captivating to watch. Even when the episodes are discussing mature issues, it is hard not to listen to the message the show is trying to convey. It is incredible to see how much this series has raised awareness about topics other shows do not cover.

     Now that the new season is out, viewers do not know what to expect. The series is full of shocking surprises and plot twists. No one ever knows what is going to happen next! So far three episodes have been released for the new season. The characters are trying to survive the latest problems life is throwing their way, and it is evident that this season will have plenty of drama. Euphoria is a show deserving of hype. New episodes come out on HBO Max on Sundays at 9 p.m. — don’t miss it!