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Top 5 Best Christmas Songs (Inarguably)


Chamberlain Zulauf

#5 Christmas in Harlem- Ye

If Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie then Kanye deserves a spot. Teyana Taylor who has a great voice gives it a Christmas feel, then Ye starts rapping about buying presents last minute and it makes me laugh every time.

#4 Here Comes Santa Claus- Elvis Presley  

Elvis is on the same level as Bing Crosby with Christmas music except Elvis wasn’t a horrible person. In this rendition of “HCSC,” Elvis sings in his classic rockabilly style we all know him for.

#3 Let it, Snow! Let it, Snow! Let it, Snow! – Vaughn Monroe  

Specifically, the Vaughn Monroe version. It’s less known than the Frank Sinatra version but Monroe’s version has a better intro- plus this version has more of that semi-depressing ghostly Christmas sound… if you’re into that.

#2 Last Christmas- Wham!

It was a tough call not putting this song at number 1 since I listen to it year-round without shame. You know you did a Christmas song right if it’s your most famous song as a pop music duo. Extra points because it’s heavily (and cleverly) associated with one of my favorite Christmas movies: Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.

#1 Sleigh Ride- Leroy Anderson

What can I say except to state that this song is quintessential? I’m one of those people who starts humming Christmas songs around mid-November. The part where the guy slaps the woodblocks in the procession is iconic and has been stuck in my head for weeks now, no complaints.