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The Least Wonderful Time of the Year


Kristi Rolf

           This article is hitting the stands in the throes of that period known as the holiday season. We are all familiar with the usual reasons why the festivities get a bad rap: financial strain, family tension, travel stress, the end of the year’s reminder of the incessant passage of time… But college students are a population with an extra reason to feel conflicted about this allegedly joyous season. 

When mailboxes back at home are filling up with Christmas cards, our email inboxes are filling up with emails from professors. While many reflect on the First Noel, college students dread the final exam. 

           When do we have time to stop and take in the magic during these final weeks of the semester? Between final projects, a few last chances to submit homework, and those assignments we’ve been avoiding all semester, festive activities take a low priority. 

           I miss being a child when winter just brought delicious food, delightful music, and dancing lights. Now December heralds late nights in the library and long hours studying. Sure, ice-skating is a welcome study break, but it’s hard to be merry when you have a to-do list longer than the strings of Christmas lights making their way out of your mom’s garage. 

           So, dear reader, hug a college student today. Force a little cheer into our lives because we need it! To my frazzled peers, take a break. Go look at Christmas lights, place a tiny tree in your dorm, maybe even bake some cookies. School will be there when you are done, but Christmas comes but once a year!