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Merry Movies


By Sydney Young

With Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas and Finals season are in full swing. So, when the need for stress relief is high, and your Christmas spirit needs a boost, a wintery movie night is needed! 

There are plenty of Christmas movies to choose from, but the ones that I will suggest here are the not as obvious choices, that still pack a festive punch.  

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) 

Starting with my personal favorite: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The nostalgia of the Harry Potter franchise combined with the gorgeous snow filled grounds of Hogwarts simply brings out the holiday spirit in long term Harry Potter lovers like myself. These movies are a joy to watch at any time of the year, but a marathon of all eight is a perfect way to spend the extra time you’ll have this winter break. 

You’ve Got Mail (1998) 

You’ve Got Mail follows an independent book store owner who starts an anonymous email-based relationship with her new competitor. The film spans over several months, but the best parts of the movie take place at Christmas. Near the end of the movie, our main character is standing in the window of her bookstore decorating a Christmas tree while River by Joni Mitchel plays in the background. Christmas nostalgia, and the desire to decorate a storefront window ensues. This classic 90’s film is a Christmas treat for book lovers and 90’s film lovers alike! 

Little Women (1994) 

While the recent remake of this film from 2019 might be a personal favorite, the 1994 edition is the most holiday appropriate. The atmosphere of the wintery scenes, and the relatable family vibes can make even the most grinch hearted of us nostalgic for the winter. Match that with the lovely plot of this classic tale, and you have me watching all the adaptations of this film late into the night. 

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) 

Finally, the movie that me and my family watch every single Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life. Probably the most traditional movie choice on this list. But more than that, it is warm hearted and visually beautiful film. This movie is perfect for a post-Christmas dinner nap because it clocks in around 2 hours. This is the oldest movie on the list, and the black and white cinematography, old timey lines, and beautiful costumes set it apart, in the best way. 

Of course, the staple Christmas movies are always going to be there for us. But, adding non-traditional favorites into your rotation is a great way to switch up your entertainment this time of year!