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Maroons Talk: Finals

Students study in the Music Library during the Fall semester finals week at the University of Colorado Boulder. (Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

“I feel like the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break is a huge stress to everyone on campus. Especially so this semester which is the first in-person college semester some of us have had in over a year. We’re deep into the semester so it’s easy to forget that. To me, this is the time of year where students really just have to bury their head and grind it out. A lot of us have more than just school to worry about too, such as sports, clubs, and other extracurriculars. Homework is sort of lame, but Winter break is definitely something to look forward to. So is next semester, for me and hopefully for a lot of other Maroons. A teacher of mine, Dr. Almeder, always reminds us to be kind to ourselves in the midst of stress. To me that means treating myself to Chipotle on hard days or not spending all night doing homework even if it means left over work for later. My dad is one of the smartest people I know and in college he was definitely a bookworm. He’s told me that even though he spent countless hours doing homework the memories of those hours stuck behind a desk seem outshined by the good/fun memories which truly stick with him. Point being that school work is hard but good! Endure it now and make sure to make those happy memories when you can.”