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Halloween Candy Rundown


By Rebecca Dance

  Halloween is quite possibly my favorite holiday, rivaled only by Christmas and my birthday. I love the idea of Halloween: it’s a night of spooks and screams featuring costumes, masks, and candy (oh my!). Halloween has been heavily influenced by the Gaelic festival of Samhain that celebrated the end of the harvest season and allowed fairies and other supernatural creatures to move through the human world more easily. Now, the only supernatural creatures moving around are kindergarteners who have eaten enough sugar that they resemble the Energizer Bunny. 

           Speaking of sugar, there is a definitive ranking of the best Halloween candy:

  1. At the top of the list, we have pumpkin-shaped Reece’s cups. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is delectable on any day of the year but adding the form of a pumpkin makes it absolutely irresistible. It’s just so cute in a shape that it isn’t usually, and the fact that it only occurs around Halloween only increases the allure. 
  2. Closely following Reece’s cups are bite-sized Twix bars. I know that most people LOVE full-sized candy bars, and I don’t blame them. Having that much candy at your fingertips is a blessing. However, bite-sized candies remain superior. When you open the bigger sizes, you have to be committed to eating the entire thing, and sometimes I just want a little bit. When you have the little ones, there are no such worries. I can also eat a ton of them and not worry about exactly how much candy I’m eating because they’re so little they barely count. 
  3. A Halloween classic is candy-corn. It would rank higher on the list (in spots 1 or 2), but my teeth are sensitive to too much sugar, and these are entirely sugar. However, this does not stop me from enjoying them. I absolutely adore candy corn because it’s a one-time thing. You can only buy it during the month of October, and its status as a limited edition makes it coveted in stores. 

On the other hand are the worst candies, relegated to the bottom of the Halloween list because I simply cannot fathom why anyone eats them. 

  1. Sour candy is the worst type of candy because it makes my mouth hurt and I think that anyone who claims to enjoy sour candy is the type of person who would rate their pain as a 1 in the Emergency Room to make a point. 
  2. Small packages of Twizzlers taste like rubber and nobody will be able to convince me otherwise. 
  3. Eating Good & Plenty candy could be compared to the solid form of icky grape cough syrup. 

           I will not be taking any suggestions on this ranking of Halloween candy. Thank you for your time.