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Hollywood Scares Comes to Roanoke


by Charissa Roberson 


     This Halloween, Center in the Square went all-out with a Roanoke-themed haunted house attraction, created by a Hollywood professional.

     The ambitious attraction, dubbed “Blue Ridge Nightmares,” makes use of a huge warehouse space at the Roanoke Industrial Center just outside of downtown Roanoke. The 60,000 square feet were transformed into a life-size city, utilizing familiar buildings from around Roanoke and filled with intriguing stories and characters. Detailed sets and trained actors make the experience as realistic and absorbing as possible.

     The idea for “Blue Ridge Nightmares” was born after the successful “Illuminights” event that Center in the Square hosted during wintertime. As the board searched for other community event ideas, Anthony Giordano stepped into the mix.

     NYC and Hollywood special effects artist Giordano has plenty of experience in manufacturing fright through the use of creative techniques. Not only as he worked on films such as “A Quiet Place: Part II” and the live-action “Scooby Doo,” but he has also already created a haunted house in New Jersey. He joined forces with Center in the Square to create the attraction now known as “Blue Ridge Nightmares.”

     “Blue Ridge Nightmares has something for everyone with a full immersion theatre experience,” said Jim Sear, Center in the Square president. “Anthony’s skills in makeup, special effects, prop construction, and costuming have found a home here in Roanoke, Virginia…” (Center in the Square).

     In an article on WSLS 10 News, Giordano explained that people might be surprised by the attraction if they are expecting a typical haunted house.

     “We are trying to think outside the box as best we can and make things that people haven’t seen at a haunted house,” he said. “Just be prepared not to expect people jumping out in your face. It’s going to be a little different than what people think a haunted house should be. That’s not just from me. It’s from what other people within the community have seen…it’s very different.”

     “Blue Ridge Nightmares” is open from Thursday to Sunday throughout the month of October. In addition to its regular program, the attraction also offers “not so scary” behind-the-scenes tours on the weekends. Once the Halloween season is over, all the work and construction that went into the attraction will not be wasted. The warehouse will be operational year-round, as a haunted venue for both private and public events.

     This Halloween, find out what all the buzz is about. There are still a few days left to experience “Blue Ridge Nightmares” before the end of the month – don’t miss it!