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Maroons Talk: President Maxey Retiring

Written by Marisa Seager

Donovan Hill, a senior from Newark, DE:

“Opening up that email earlier last week was jaw-dropping and heart-wrenching. Maxey has been a core staple in my experience here at Roanoke and an iconic figure to look up to. I wish him much rest and peace in his years after leaving the presidency and I hope he knows how much of a meaningful impact he had on our lives.”  

Rachel McEldowney, a senior from Charlottesville, VA:

“President Maxey has been a staple at Roanoke College since my freshman year, but I know for many of the past graduates. To learn he was retiring is of course, extremely saddening and the mood on campus after his retirement notice came out was one of grief due to who he has been on campus. Not only has he been the campus President, but he has focused on creating an atmosphere of acceptance, community, and family which has pushed Roanoke to be what it is today. How he has conducted the recent issues that have encompassed our campus clearly has weighed on him as it would on anyone, but the grace and humility that was displayed by both him and Mrs. Maxey has strengthened this campus and shown the student body what this community means to both of them. The outpouring of love and kindness from both of them is something the student body can only hope to replicate as President Maxey retires, hopefully sending them both off to better journeys. They will absolutely be missed, and their legacy will be one that will be in Roanoke College’s history fondly remembered by the students that have passed through this college while they were here.”