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Broadway’s Back, Baby!


Written by Karen Kohler

     Broadway is finally reopening and making its starry return after being closed down since March 2020 due to COVID-19. With hopes to stay open, they are requiring anyone over the age of 12 to wear a mask and show proof of vaccination. Sadly, some shows that were very popular and in high attendance at the time of closing, including “Mean Girls” and “Frozen,” will not be returning, at least not yet. Thankfully, some beloved gems such as “Wicked,” “Hamilton” and “The Lion King” have all returned and are currently running.

     “Aladdin” was shown the night Broadway reopened, Sept. 28, but had to shut down again the next night due to a case of COVID-19 within the company. The cast and crew have to be tested for COVID-19 every day, but the show is expected to reopen on Oct. 12. “Waitress” is also making a comeback with Sara Bareilles returning as the lead.

     “Six,” which was set to open the night everything shut down (talk about bad timing), finally got its opening! This fun musical features the six wives of Henry VII as they – well, basically talk about how terrible he was, but in a humorous manner where they compete over who had it the worst. So far it has been met with immense love and enjoyment. It was praised long before its Broadway debut, but this has helped to set the musical’s anticipated success in stone. “Six” will likely be running for a long time!

     Along with the long-awaited reopening of Broadway, the Tony Awards – held on Sept 26 – also caused a stir in Broadway News. The acclaimed winner of the night was “Moulin Rouge! The Musical,” which won in not just two, or three, but ten categories, including the big one of “Best Musical.” Other notable winners of the night were “Jagged Little Pill,” which uses songs by Alanis Morissette and tells the story represented by the album, and “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical,” which, as suggested, tells the biographical story of singer Tina Turner. All three of these shows have recently reopened on Broadway as well.

     Looking ahead, Broadway is also bringing back “Funny Girl” after just 58 years of being off. It is set to make its return in February 2022 with Beanie Feldstien, known for her role in “Booksmart,” starring as Fanny Brice. Hopefully new shows will continue to be added and the current ones will continue to thrive without any more shutdowns!