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Quests and Dragonfest


Mateo Biggs


    ​“Fridays on the Quad” are a staple of life here at Roanoke College: an evening to forget about the stress of classes while students spend time with friends and enjoy fun activities. The Campus Activities Board is working hard to maintain these moments of reprieve during the continued pandemic – and Sept. 17 was no different.

     As the clock struck 4:30 p.m., Dragonfest kicked off: an annual event that gives students the chance to step back in time and take part in the medieval era in different ways, including cosplay for those who enjoy it. Students filled up the back quad in hopes of seeing different acts, from flame dancers, courtesy of Fluidity Performance, to the caricature artist who was kind enough to provide his name as simply – “Jed.”

     “[Dragonfest is] something I would definitely enjoy doing every year!” said sophomore Emma Holley. “It was fun to do with friends, plus it was a blast to actually try out the medieval weapons they had out.” This activity took place at a table where, under the careful eye of an authentic Norse Pagan, students learned the proper way to use a Sax blade, a bearded axe and even a sword and spear.

     “The event is always a fun time,” said junior Nadeali Akbar. “Although I did end up spending 90% of this Dragonfest with Bob.” (For reference, Bob is a black dog who was wearing a bee costume during the event.)

     Many events and fun activities had been set up by the hosts, Dr. Dorothy Belle Poli and Dr. Lisa Stoneman, in partnership with the SGA. The annual event is a true show of kindness from the Dragon Research Collaborative. “The idea to hold a Dragon Fest came about when we had so many things that students produced and we wanted to showcase their efforts/work,” said Poli. “This year we had several new events that were exciting to see. The aerialist and the game of Kubb were fantastic additions!”

     This year’s Dragonfest also featured jousting, tarot readings and even a live musical performance by the ever-talented “Erin and the Wildfire.” Dragonfest 2021 provided a beautiful symphony of fun and relaxation, acting as a moment of solace in this already chaotic year and heralding the start of another memorable semester here at RC.