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Senior Spotlight: Zach Behe and Erin Flamm


Written by Katherine Clatterbuck

With fall athletics underway, many senior athletes are beginning their final season representing Roanoke through their athletic accomplishments. Erin Flamm is a center back for the women’s soccer team. The team finished last year’s season in the ODAC semifinals. Flamm commented that she chose Roanoke, “for a couple of reasons: the campus and its facilities, the coaches, and the team’s dynamic”. Flamm was named All-ODAC first-team and VASID All-State first-team during her junior year for her accomplishments as a defensive player for Roanoke. Flamm’s pre-game activities include snacking on Clif Bars and fruit snacks, and listening to Power by Kanye West. Flamm highlighted her team’s accomplishments during her four years here, saying “My greatest team accomplishment while on the Roanoke women’s soccer team would be beating Lynchburg for the first time in years on their home field my sophomore year”. 

Zach Behe is a goalkeeper for the men’s soccer team. Behe enjoys a Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom sandwich before games. Behe commented about his pre-game ritual, “One song I listen to before every game is Enter Sandman by Metallica”. Behe was drawn to Roanoke because of the Cregger Center and the common goals he shared with the other players on the team. When asked about his greatest accomplishment while on the Roanoke team, Behe stated, “My greatest accomplishment so far as a Roanoke College athlete is making the 2019 NCAA tournament”. Roanoke’s 2019 appearance in the NCAA tournament was the first since 2012 for the men’s team, in which they kept a tie at 2 with Swarthmore until Swarthmore overcame them in the PK round. 

Remaining proud of all of our Roanoke College athletes, we wish the best of luck to Erin Flamm and Zach Behe as they lead their respective teams during this year’s season.