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And Now….Back to Sports!


Written by Katherine Clatterbuck

Coming back from an unprecedented season, Roanoke senior athletes are looking towards the future in this new school year. A senior for the women’s field hockey team, Lauren Roth mentioned the new season saying, “It’s a relief to have a feeling of normalcy again. Last year there were a lot of ups and downs so to get to come back to the hard work and see it all on the field with a full team feels extra special”. With fall sports kicking off, teams have noticed an influx of fans as the Roanoke community is excited to have athletics back. Renee Alquiza, a women’s basketball senior, shared that, “Our team had an incredible season last year, but only played half of our regular season and weren’t allowed fans. I’m looking forward to having our fans back and playing a full season”. 

In October of 2020, the NCAA Division III Presidents Council released eligibility relief for 2020-2021 athletes. As opposed to the four seasons of eligibility college athletes normally receive, this eligibility relief permits student athletes to retain their season of eligibility for the 2020-2021 school year. Kaylie LaGuardia, a senior on the women’s lacrosse team, talked about her retained year of eligibility, stating “I’m so excited to have a hopefully full senior season. With an extra year of eligibility due to COVID, I’m considering playing lacrosse while attending graduate school next year”. Kristina Harrell, a fifth year senior on the women’s basketball team, stated “As a fifth year athlete, I’m just really excited to have the opportunity to play again and compete for a ring. After the shortened senior season it’s exciting to have the chance to (hopefully) have a full schedule against competitive teams. I’m excited to be able to spend another year with our team and play the sport I love”. Entering this new school year, the Roanoke College community can help sports continue this school year by following health protocols and supporting our amazing teams. Claire Eisenhart, a women’s field hockey and lacrosse senior stated, “The past two years showed us how valuable every moment is on the field. Our team motto is “better together” this year because it means after all the time apart, we’re ready to work together to achieve our goals”.

Come support your senior athletes as they wrap up their careers at Roanoke this year!