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New Spiritual Programming on Campus


Written by Alexis Barton


Following a year of social distancing and too many Zoom meetings to count, both new and returning students at Roanoke are seeking new ways to get involved on campus. Further, many students are looking for ways to understand their own identities and interests after a year and a half of isolation. Chaplain Chris Bowen, the head of Roanoke’s Center for Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry, began his new line of spiritual programming this week. 


On Monday nights, students from nearly every background on campus gather in Mac & Bobs to talk about life’s big questions. At Theologies on Tap, also known as TOT, students can enjoy free appetizers, fellowship, and discussion led by Chaplain Bowen. A wide range of topics are covered at the weekly program, including the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, evolution, free will, and the ongoing debate between DC and Marvel comic fans. The event is a part of Chaplain Bowen’s larger legacy at Roanoke that is driven by inclusion and compassion. He says, “TOT is all about interfaith dialogue that is vital to life on campus and leadership in our diverse world. We practice that at Bob’s, and we eat a lot of garlic knots and nachos, too!”. Theologies on Tap takes place every Monday that classes are in session at 9 PM at Mac & Bobs. All students are welcome to join!


In a slight shift from years past, the Center for Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry has created a new event that encompasses several elements from previous programming into one event. RC LIFT, a space for dinner, fellowship, faith-based discussion, and a brief worship service, takes place every Wednesday in the Antrim Chapel. Starting at 5:00, students are welcome to save a swipe and have dinner provided by Chaplain Bowen’s office and stay for discussion about their purpose and their spirituality amongst other topics. At 5:30, the atmosphere shifts into a worship setting. Chaplain Bowen emphasizes that, “Worship is vital to the spiritual development of our students who come from a Christian background or are interested in exploring Christianity”. This program, as well as many others on campus, plays an integral role to the College’s mission of promoting the spiritual growth of students on campus. 

For more information about programs from the Center for Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry, contact Chaplain Chris Bowen (bowen@roanoke.edu) or follow them on Instagram, @rc.campusministry.