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A New Semester for SGA


Written by Devon Mitchell


The Student Government Association Senate is back in session after the summer recess. The Senate meets Thursday, September 9th to welcome back Senators, then moves into elections for vacant seats.


This semester eight seats will be voted on- Freshmen Class, History, Sociology and Public Health, Northside, and three At-Large. Sign-ups to run for office open Thursday, September 9th,  and will run through Monday, September 13th. The current SGA executive board encourages students to consider running for SGA and sign up using the link provided in the email sent out by President Emily Norton.


The Norton administration is looking forward to the new semester as they look to accomplish long-time goals. President Norton is particularly excited to begin working on legislation to add printers to dorm halls.


Along with the printers, the executive board has been keen on promoting diversity and inclusion in the Roanoke community. This upcoming meeting, Senators will discuss adding a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and a Community Affairs Committee to SGA standing committees. SGA committees are a way for Senators to get more hands-on experience in student government and discuss prevalent legislation to be presented in Senate meetings.


“We’re always trying to find ways to create a stronger Roanoke community,” said Vice President Devon Mitchell. “DEI and Community Affairs are both ways to foster that environment.”


A common theme for this executive board is giving Senators and students opportunities to have their voices heard and “reach their full potential,” as Secretary Celine Matar stated. Treasurer Grace Robinson said, “I hope to assist students in enacting the changes they wish to see on campus.”


Now that everyone is back on campus, SGA is looking forward to a full student body to serve. This semester will be full of initiatives to ensure the study body has a voice. Dean of Students and SGA advisor Thomas Rambo expresses these virtues saying, “SGA is a wonderful venue to express your hopes and dreams and take the initiative of their college experience.”