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22 Things… I Love and Will Miss from Roanoke College


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

I am now a somewhat-freshly-22-year-old, and after a semester’s worth of eight lists with 22 bullet points, we have come to the end of the road. So, here are 22 things I love about Roanoke College, all of which I will miss dearly. 

  1. The lifelong friendships I have created. 
  2. The Communication Studies department that created a fun learning environment where I always felt cared for (both academically and personally). 
  3. Bread Board in Commons!
  4. The faculty and staff who started as mentors, and though they are still mentors, also became friends. 
  5. Seeing President and Mrs. Maxey on their daily walks. 
  6. Watching the sunset when coming out of dinner in Colket or while running on the treadmill in Cregger. 
  7. Sitting outside of Cavern to do homework in the afternoons.
  8. Cheering on RC sports. Go, Maroons! 
  9. Friday on the quad.
  10. Having Olde Salem be a 0.3 mile walk away. 
  11. Sunny days in Sunny Salem.
  12. The soft M&M cookies served in Commons every once and awhile. 
  13. Serving as a peer mentor for first-year students. 
  14. Mac ‘N Bobs beer cheese with pita bread… sorry I’m not a huge calzone girl.
  15. President’s Ball. I mean how often do you have the opportunity to dress up in the “real world?” 
  16. Hosting a blind dating show!
  17. Bingo- the game I probably won’t play again for 50+ more years.
  18. The pink blooms on the trees in the spring.
  19. Being part of the Salem community and scoping out the tables at Olde Salem Days.
  20. Chef Jacob’s omelets. Fun fact, I hadn’t EVER had an omelet until my sophomore year of college, so thank you Chef Jacob. 
  21. Having the opportunity to meet new people and getting to know them quickly because of the close knit atmosphere. 
  22. The Brackety-Ack advisors, editorial team, and reporter staff and themed layouts!