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Congratulations to the Retiring Class of 2021


Written by Devon Mitchell

As the Roanoke College Class of 2021 moves their tassels to the left side of their cap, some of their beloved professors will be graduating with them. RC will miss its retiring professors, but just like the graduating class, they will always be a part of the Roanoke community.

The Business Administration and Economics Department (BUAD) will be retiring the most professors at the end of this semester. We say farewell to Dr. Garry Fleming, Dr. Christina McCart, and Dr. Elisabeth Gilster Velazquez. Thank you for teaching RC’s aspiring entrepreneurs and leading economists.

The Health and Human Performance (HHP) Department will be saying goodbye to Mr. James Buriak. HHP will not be the same after Mr. Buriak leaves.

Future teachers will surely miss Dr. Lisa Earp of the Education Department. Thank you, Dr. Earp, for teaching a future generation of educators.

The English and Communications Studies Department will retire Dr. Martha Kuchar, a professor of English and Literature. Thank you, Dr. Kuchar, for your time at Roanoke.

The History Department will say goodbye to Dr. Mark Miller. Thank you for molding the minds of future historians.

Next, we say farewell to Dr. Lisa Warren of the Fine Arts Department. Thank you, Dr. Warren, for your time well spent in the Roanoke community.

The Religion and Philosophy Department retires Dr. Paul Hinlicky, a professor of Religion. Thank you, Dr. Hinlicky, for your many years here at RC.

Lastly, RC says goodbye to Dr. Harry Wilson of the Public Affairs Department. Thank you for teaching RC’s aspiring policymakers.

To Roanoke’s retiring Class of 2021, congratulations and good luck. Enjoy retirement and don’t forget your home at Roanoke College.