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Roanoke College Recognizes Seniors with Department Awards


Written by Jack Miller

As the end of this school year wraps up and our Class of 2021seniors get ready for graduation, RC’s many departments are having their academic award ceremonies. Each of the departments on campus placed a different COVID-safe spin on their awards ceremonies. Some met in person, others celebrated online, but one thing remained the same- many hard-working seniors won awards for all their work over the past year. Each department had an award for the senior who has excelled the most in the major, and those senior scholars were the recipients of the award of that name and the coveted Jefferson Cup.

The English and Communications Department had their awards ceremony over Zoom, while other departments such as fine arts had a socially-distanced ceremony in person but to celebrate the achievements of their students. There were 36 senior scholarship awards given out to this year’s seniors. 

I interviewed Jessica White, a senior from Asheville, North Carolina, who was the recipient of this year’s Senior Scholar in Art History award to see what her thoughts were on receiving such a prestigious award.

“Receiving this award is an honor, I was incredibly flattered that my professors thought so much of me to award me with Senior Scholar. I felt appreciated and recognized for all the hard work that I put into my work. I will forever miss the support of my department,” said White.

Jessica speaks for many of the seniors who will miss the support from Roanoke College’s faculty and staff and the love that their specific department extended to them.  A complete list of senior department awards can be located on each department’s website or by reaching out to each department’s chair.