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Let’s Reminisce

Written by Zuba Mutesi

The end of the semester is FINALLY here, but that finally usually comes with an immense amount of stress and anxiety. For some this is an even more stressful time figuring out post-grad plans and for others it is the waves of work that somehow continuously crashing in. I don’t know about you, but this semester was harder than most. Although we have been in this pandemic for a little over a year now, there is so much I am still learning and growing through and I feel that many share these same sentiments. 

In the midst of these anxieties, however, I have found that there were still many moments that were memorable. Although this semester may have been tolling on people mentally, physically and emotionally, it is always important to remember the moments where life was not too bleak. It gets easy to get caught up in the waves of stress, planning, and trying to keep a step ahead, but this breeds this mentality of always being on the go and sometimes blurring the moments that are worth taking in. 

In the midst of all the madness, pause. Pause and take a second to think about the moments where you laughed a hearty laugh. Take a second and remember the times where you were surrounded by people who brought genuine joy into your life or into a moment in time. Think of all the times where life seemed lighter. These moments should not be a blur and packed away but be used as sources of the perfect mood lifters. So, in the midst of the semester madness, I hope you take a second, breathe, and reminisce.