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The Class of 2021 Joins the Media Arts Hall of Fame


Written by Joyelle Ronan

The Class of 2021 Student Activity Media Arts Hall of Fame will be inducting eight seniors to have their picture and accomplishments hang on the wall in the Garrett Student Media Lounge. They will join 28 student honorees who have contributed to the legacy of media arts at Roanoke College through Student Activities.

The 2015 inaugural class of six students included student filmmaker, Steph Spector ’16, who wrote, directed and produced the college’s first film, “Daylily Day,” which went on to screen at four New York film festivals, and Nick Norris ’17, the Assistant Program Director at WRKE, who designed the new WRKE radio station in the Colket Atrium.

The Hall of Fame Award was created to encourage the growth of independent student media projects and productions at Roanoke College to enhance student life. The award is given to students who have produced a body of work with the creative and productive contribution coming from two or three major projects, events, programs or positions, or played a role in a major project.

Students in the Media Arts Hall of Fame have demonstrated their skills and hard work through activities such as writing and directing short films for the annual Basically Tarantino Film Festival, hosting shows on WRKE Radio, creating events and programming on MaroonTube, as well as writing and editing for the Brackety-Ack.

This year’s inductees are a talented group of student media leaders and award-winning student filmmakers: Senn Boswell for Broadcasting, Events, and Media Technology; Zach Dalton for Radio, Film, Writing, Hosting and Broadcasting; Tara Hrdlick for Hosting and Performing; Chelsea Marcombe for Media & Marketing and Video Production; Shakil Persad for Photography, Video Production and Media & Marketing; Kaillee Philleo for Film, Radio, Video Production and Media & Marketing; Joyelle Ronan for Film, Radio, Writing and Media & Marketing; and Kaelyn Spickler for Publishing, Radio, Writing, Hosting, Media & Marketing and Film.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 Student Activity Media Arts Hall of Fame inductees!