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The Power of the Fourth


Written by Mateo Biggs

“May the Fourth” has become something akin to an international holiday, with fans across the nation celebrating the beloved “Star Wars” franchise created by George Lucas. Even if the holiday itself is informal, it does not stop the numerous fans from coming together to enjoy the “Star Wars” series and the creations that were born from the series itself.

In addition to the nine movies of the main “Star Wars” franchise, there are now two spin-off movies, seven animated shows, five micro-shows, one current live action show and one game show – not to mention the 155 “Star Wars” novels that tie into the universe as well. Each of these has further shaped the universe created by Lucas, which in turn has shaped the childhoods of its fans.

Even if some fans have only recently become engaged with the “Star Wars” universe due to the recent hit series “The Mandalorian,” they too have managed to join in the festivities. These range from amazing cosplays of characters (both fan-made and canon) posted on TikTok and Instagram, to content creators showing off their love for the Force by recreating iconic scenes. Artists jumped into celebrating the fan-made holiday by posting art of different mediums relating to the series. Disney itself even joined in, with the official Instagram account reposting things fans have done on their story to give thanks to its supporters. Meanwhile, DisneyWorld celebrated amongst its tourists at the Star Wars world within Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Of course, “May the Fourth” festivities went beyond just big-name content creators and businesses celebrating, with friends getting together when they could and creating memories about the day as they marathoned movies and ate food based around the series. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the holiday granted a slight lull in anxiety as friends and family and fans came together to revel in the permanent thrill and nostalgia of the beloved “Star Wars” universe.

It was definitely what many needed during this time – and perhaps that is why “Star Wars Day” was celebrated so largely this year, primarily as an escape to push back the anxiety and depression built up by the pandemic. No matter the case, when these fans get together, it definitely shows the power the Force can have on those who are open to it.