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The Harder They Paul the Harder They Fall


Written by Chamberlain “Zach is Wrong” Zulauf

Tom Brady, Kevin Durant, Neymar… Jake Paul. No one wants to hear it, but these four legends have a lot in common. Jake Paul is 3-0, has made millions of dollars, and generated hundreds of millions of views. I don’t want to hear it. Aside from the undeniable success, the biggest thing these athletes have in common is villain status; and everyone loves a villain.

On the 17th, it only took Paul one minute and 59 seconds to show the world that we need to keep hating him. No matter who he fights Jake Paul seems to come out on top and make a fat bag while doing so. Most people think Paul’s fights were rigged, but Ben Askren didn’t seem to mind making the biggest payday of his career in under two minutes. Jake Paul’s deniers are nothing more than haters.

I hate him too, of course, but watching him shoot into the limelight so quickly made me want to watch even more. Maybe Conner McGregor will step in to shut him up once and for all. I’d pay to see that. At least I’d watch the highlights on YouTube the next morning.

Certain people who go on and on about how much they hate Jake Paul are only showing how much they love him. We’re all Jake Paulers at the end of the day whether we like it or not.