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“RemBrandt” Without the “Rem”


Written by Zach Dalton

There are approximately 1,200 students on campus and there are two people that know everyone. One is President Maxey for obvious reasons and the other is this issue’s Folk of ‘Noke: Brandt Nethercutt. This warm personality can be seen often on the Back Quad chatting to different people and bouncing from group to group. As of publication he is currently in quarantine and has remarked “I’m a very extroverted person so the lack of new people is draining my energy.” When Brandt is released be sure to give him a wave and a nice welcome back. He’ll really appreciate it.

Brandt comes from Woodbridge, Virginia “about 30 miles south of D.C.,” as he said. Like most of the other Folks this semester Brandt is a senior and will be majoring in International Relations.  When asked why Ronaoke College Brandt  enthusiastically recalled, “I loved the location, I loved the various programs offered on campus like Outdoor Adventures, and I loved how there’s a community for everyone here.” Brandt has involved himself on many programs on campus some include: Outdoor Adventures, Alpha Phi Omega, RC Lutherans, Nerf Gun Wars,  the Garden Club, and the Peace and Justice Association. 

Of all the programs Brandt is probably  best known for his work with the Outdoor Adventures. When asked how many hikes he has been on Brandt added it up to be “a lot but I would like to do more,” he then added, “I don’t have an exact number.” Upon further reflection Brandt added, “I have hiked McAfee’s 38 times.” That means his favorite hike has got to be McAfee’s, but actually Brandt said, “my favorite hike in the area is Devil’s Marbleyard.” 

Now as a senior he was asked to think about some of his favorite memories and he gave us two. The first came from his sophomore year right after the Hundred Days Party.

“I was DDing for some of my senior friends. One of them misplaced her phone and became convinced that I had stolen it. She then chased me around until she tackled me to the ground and beat me with her roommate’s shoe until I agreed to give [back her] phone and I made my escape.”

In a less violent memory he recalled another time he woke up at 4:30 Am.M and did a sunrise hike up McAfee’s Knob (one of the 38 times) with his friends. Brandt did remark how he went “hiking 20+ miles the day before.” 

Recently, Brandt noted that his most recent achievement happened, “on April 22nd I received my second dose of the Dolly Parton (Moderna) Vaccine.” Something anyone who knows Brandt will recognize as a very big deal for him.  

At the conclusion of the interview Brandt was asked to give a few shoutouts. These are his shoutouts.

“My twin on a spiritual level, Devon Mitchell. My fantastic Big, the Rev. Scott Senn Boswell Jr. My amazing Twin and his awesome Little, Warren Payne IV and Adelle Mengedoht. My incredible Littles who light up my world, Galen Williamson, Caitlin Blake, and Maryam Nishtar. Finally my cool GLittle, Luke Elder.”