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22 Things… To Put On Your RC Bucket List


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

I am now freshly 22-year-old, and unless something crazy happens, this is my last semester writing for the Brackety-Ack. 🙁 With that, I decided it would be fun for my final column to be “22 Things…” where I can sometimes share advice, list my favorites, or give some insight. 

Stargaze at the Roanoke Star– you’ll probably spend more time driving than you will at the top, but it’s worth it!

Win at BINGO (bonus points for being one of the announcers)

Order a calzone at Mac N’ Bobs (or split one with a friend)

Have a conversation with President Maxey

Play sand volleyball– you’ll have to stake your claim fast because the courts fill up quickly on a nice day. 

Get free wings at midnight on a Wednesday from Mac N’ Bobs

Play an intramural sport or do a workout class– you get a free shirt if your team wins!

Show off your line dancing moves at Sidewinders on a Tuesday night– bring out those cowboy or cowgirl boots. 

Check out a choir concert or RC Theatre production– they are truly the hidden gems of campus.

Hike McAfee’s Knob– definitely stretch beforehand!

Watch the sunset on the roof of Center in the Square

Go on a picnic or a run at Green Hill Park

Host your own radio show– for a whole hour once a week you can talk about or play almost anything. 

Host your own tailgate before your favorite sporting event– who says you have to have football to tailgate?

Belt your heart out at Karaoke Night or perform at Roanoke’s Got Talent

List five brews at Olde Salem– their Suit and Tie won awards!

Take a day trip to Smith Mountain Lake or Claytor Lake– both are less than an hour away. 

Get a free t-shirt at Pack the MAQ

Direct or star in a Basically Tarantino film– here’s your chance to have your “Hollywood moment” 

Help build a house during R-House (bonus points if you help after freshman orientation) 

Paint the Rock

Step on the seal AFTER graduation- finally!