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22 Things… Women’s History Month


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

I am now freshly 22-year-old, and unless something crazy happens, this is my last semester writing for the Brackety-Ack. 🙁 With that, I decided it would be fun for my final column to be “22 Things…” where I can sometimes share advice, list my favorites, or give some insight. 

With the close of Women’s History Month coming up and the events surrounding the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard (who was just walking home one night under well-lit streets), I thought I would share 11 things that the average woman thinks about regarding her safety and 11 things men can do to help us feel more safe instead of thinking we are about to be attacked. 

Text their friends when they make it back to their place at night (whether walking or driving)

Look behind their shoulder while walking at night

Some might not even put their hood up if it’s raining while they’re walking back at night, let alone put in headphones

Check the back seat of their car before getting in at night

Lock the car doors as soon as they get it, whether during the day or night

Call their friend while walking

Make sure they have someone to go with them to Walmart, the mechanic, the gas station, etc.

Use code words with their friends if they feel they need to escape a date or a conversation with a guy at a bar

Not leave their cup unattended 

Eye the man walking on the sidewalk across from her to make sure 

Gets nervous walking in front of a group of men on the sidewalk

When walking behind women on the sidewalk, let us know either by jiggling keys, doing something on your phone, or directly telling us.

When walking past women you don’t know at a crowded place, men do not need to grab a woman’s waist in order to get past. 

If you suspect a sketchy situation is going down, either on the streets or at the bar, don’t be afraid to come over and ask if everything is okay, if the woman knows the person she is talking to, and if she needs help. 


If you are out running and see a woman in your path, try to move around her as much as you can to give her space and to make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re running up to her. 

If you feel like a woman is eyeing you on the sidewalk, and it’s fairly uncrowded, odds are she’s not hitting on you and is just making sure she isn’t about to get kidnapped. So, just smile or give a small wave because that will show you are harmless. 

Do not put your arm around your waitress, bartender, hostess, etc. 

LinkedIn is not for hitting on women. 

Offer to walk your girlfriend or friend that is a woman back to her place or to her car. 

Walk on the outside of the sidewalk. 

If you are talking to a woman at a bar and she seems uncomfortable (constantly looking around, checking her phone, not offering much to the conversation), don’t try to redeem yourself- end the conversation and let her leave.