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The Joys of the Eno


Written by Sydney Brenner

Spring has sprung in sunny Salem. As warm days on campus become more prevalent, it is not uncommon to see groups of students gathered on the lawns of Roanoke College’s campus.

Some sit on towels and bask in the sun while others hang in Enos, a type of hammock. Luckily, there are many trees on campus to hang an Eno from and it takes minimal effort to enjoy this simple pleasure. Some good spots for suspending your hammock on campus include the trees near the volleyball courts and the trees that line the back quad. 

If you’re looking for your own Eno to purchase, they can cost up to forty dollars but there are plenty of cheaper hammocks that you can purchase from Walmart or another superstore in the Salem area. Most hammocks already come with the materials to hang them, but you may need to purchase some extra rope to get your hammock at the perfect hanging level. Hanging in an Eno or hammock allows you to be outdoors in a position that is comfortable and is conducive to the human body. Just being outdoors comes with many psychological and physical benefits. For example, reasonably enjoying the sun’s rays can increase Vitamin C levels and serotonin levels. 

Plus, the hammock can provide a barrier from loud noises, leading you to have your very own personal peaceful cocoon. When leaning back in a hammock, there are so many productive and fun things you can do while being immersed in it. You could watch your favorite Netflix series, read an article for class, listen to some tunes, or watch some comedic Tik-Toks. Why not take a monotonous task and easily bring it to the outdoors via an Eno? Grab your shades, kick off your shoes, and spend some personal time swaying in a hammock on campus.