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Daylight Savings > St. Patty’s Day


Written by Chamberlain “I Got Seasonal Depression” Zulauf

Where will you be at 2 a.m. on Mar. 14?  Most Maroons will probably be asleep. What everyone will wake up to on the morning of Mar. 14 is one less hour of sleep. This doesn’t bode well for Daylight Savings as it is overshadowed four days later by St. Patrick’s Day.

Daylight Savings is way cooler than going to some (semi)crowded bar with your friends and ordering green alcohol all night, I think. I’d rather lose one measly hour of sleep for some more sunlight in the day than lose the entire memory of St. Patty’s day drinking too much Guinness.

Not only is DLS a genius system, but there are, of course, fun facts about it too. For example, Arizona and Hawaii don’t take part in it- which is lame. There’s also some misconception around the system implemented in 70 countries across the world.

Students and teachers with 8:30 classes may be cursing Ben Franklin the morning of Mar. 14, but B-Franklin doesn’t deserve any of that hate since it was actually a New Zealander named George Hudson who invented the concept in 1895. While DLS is a way for us to enjoy more sunshine that we have been deprived of in cold winter months, Hudson originally proposed Daylight Savings so that he’d have more time after work to go bug hunting in the summer. So, who the heck was St. Patrick anyways? I doubt St. Patrick was interesting enough to go bug hunting after work or church.

Who’s to say which holiday is better? Daylight Savings requires people to move their clocks forward, while St. Patty’s day requires everyone to wear green. St. Patty’s was a day for partying and DLS is on the weekend!

To be honest, it was hard to write an article about DLS but this is a personal thing between me and Zach. All I’ve got to say about that is he better be wearing green socks on St. Patty’s because I’ll be cranky with one less hour of sleep.