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Spring Bucket List


Written by Mia Shelton

O la la spring is finally makin’ its way to us! We are all so excited for the beautiful warm weather! Flowers are budding and getting ready to say their hellos! There always feels like there is more to do once it becomes warm. If you ever get stuck, here is a spring bucket list!

  1. Take a whole bunch of pictures! Getting a disposable camera and some friends to always remember the good ole days. Take it with you wherever you go! Once it is full, you can take it to Walgreens or CVS to have them developed. Maybe start a fun scrapbook together that everyone can look at and reminisce.
  2. Roller-skating! Nothing beats rollin’ down the sidewalk with the warm wind in your hair! You and your friends can buy cheap roller skates from Amazon and take on the town. You can go to the roller rink and groove to the music they have there as well!
  3. Picnics! There are so many good places to sprawl out a blanket and enjoy nature with your friends. Get some of your favorite snacks and games to occupy your time! Some personal favorites are Catchphrase and Uno. Both small and compact, ready for any outdoor adventures!
  4. Arts and crafts- always on my list! Find a new hobby to pick up, maybe embroidery? Make something beautiful and share it with your friends. Paint rocks and leave them around town for people to find! Make someone smile with your art!
  5. Plant some flowers! Gather some friends and find a place that only your group knows of. Plant some flowers at your secret spot, making it your private getaway! Only you and your friends will know of your special garden, and it will be a part of nature forever. A forever landmark to celebrate your friends!
  6. Visit Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms bloom! While this is kind of a far trek, gather all your friends, one who preferably has a car, and chip in for gas money! Drive up to DC and spend a day there under the blossoms! Take your camera too! Snap some memories and eat some good food!
  7. Tie-dye something beautiful! Have an old t-shirt that you just hate looking at? Does it just sit in the back of your closet and collect dust? Turn it into something colorful by tie-dying it! This is a super fun activity to do with friends any time of the day! Don’t forget gloves!

Hopefully these are some things to get you excited and ready for the coming spring season. Spend this time out in nature, and don’t forget to pay it forward! Smile at strangers and make new friends along the way! Ask if a stranger wants to tie dye with you or ask them to join in your picnic! They are only strangers until you make them a friend. Don’t forget to be kind! 

Happy Spring!