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22 Things… “The Bachelor” Observations


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

I am now freshly 22-year-old, and unless something crazy happens, this is my last semester writing for the Brackety-Ack. 🙁 With that, I decided it would be fun for my final column to be “22 Things…” where I can sometimes share advice, list my favorites, or give some insight. 

I had been keeping a running tab on some things I found note-worthy to share leading up to the finale, and despite everything going on with the franchise, I still wanted to share. 

  1. Khayla rode in on a stickshift and had a picnic with Matt on the truck bed on the first night, which he loved, but then we never saw her again until she went home. 
  2. Victoria only thought Marylynn was toxic when Matt presented her with her favorite flower.
  3. The theory that Victoria was a producer on the show is very convincing.
  4. The girls are catty and mean. 
  5. This season focused more on the drama than the connections (ex. Sarah got more airtime leading up to her leaving than the one-on-one dates received).
  6. Katie had the best character development (from “the girl with the vibrator” to an advocate against bullying). 
  7. Matt is a really good listener and says the right things…
  8. … but he is still learning how relationships “work.”
  9. Boxing dates should end with this season (quite frankly, they should have ended awhile ago). 
  10. Anna looked like Hannah B.’s twin, but she actually didn’t like the comparison. 
  11. Serena C. wore knee high sparkly boots and got zero credit for that. 
  12. Anna’s only basis for her theory that Brittany was an escort was just based on the fact she “knew a lot of rich men in the city.”
  13. Magi made it over halfway through the season and received only 10 minutes of total screentime. 
  14. Katie ended up becoming the girl best friend.
  15. Matt wore a hoodie as opposed to his normal turtle neck sweaters on his dinner date with Jessenia- a sign he wasn’t feeling it anymore. 
  16. Abigail was done really dirty with her breakup and deserves a better explanation at Women Tell All.
  17. Matt’s “thank you for sharing that” is a giveaway he isn’t feeling it. 
  18. Kit even admitted she tried to give Matt an out by telling him life with her would be “slower progressing” than life with some of the other women…
  19. …but when he didn’t break up with her, she sent herself home. 
  20. Michelle and Abigail are too good for this franchise. 
  21. These women are successful with great careers (ex. a couple of attorneys, communications manager, financial manager, ICU nurse, etc.), but the show didn’t portray them as successful or empowering. 
  22. Matt was naive to the drama because he hasn’t been a part of the franchise.