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Less Than 100 Days Left for Seniors


Written by Zach “It’s Been Four Years Already?” Dalton

The one thing Roanoke College students look forward to, aside from graduation, is the 100 Days Party. This is a celebration for seniors to honor their hard work and dedication to academics by allowing them to have a huge party with each other. It is one of the only times since freshman year that the whole class gets together. The Class of 2021 did not have this. 

Due to Covid restrictions it was impossible to get everyone together and celebrate the seniors and their 100 days left of college. They were compensated with a free smoothie from either Freshens or Rooney’s Brews. That does not change the fact that now the senior class faces less than 100 days ‘til Graduation Day.

That means that this class, like the ones before, has 100 days to accomplish everything they want to in college. With academics in full swing this may seem like a daunting process, but I believe in the work ethic of this class. It is important to keep a plan and follow it the best you can. Take a moment and write down things you want to do (be sure to be realistic) and look at how much time is left to do them. Once you have your goals written down take a look at your busy schedule and figure out where it fits in the best, try setting an hour to two hours aside each day to really give yourself time to work at your goals.

In the remaining days here at RC I would also like to suggest taking time from everyday life and enjoy the campus we have spent so much time on. Go and visit places you have not been since freshman year or go somewhere you have always wanted to visit. There are also a ton of events to attend on campus, so go and check those out. Remember it is never too late to get involved on campus.

Most importantly, spend time with the people you have grown close with over the years. They have always been there for you and solidifying that relationship can be greatly beneficial post-grad. 

We are less than 100 days from graduating so let’s make the most out of it, senior Maroons!