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The Chiefs Learn Why They Shouldn’t Bet Against Tom Brady


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

Okay, Tom Brady is the GOAT. Come on. After winning last Sunday’s Super Bowl LV (55), Tom single-handedly has more Super Bowl dubs than any franchise. Speaking of fun facts: it’s been six years since Patrick Mahomes has lost by more than a single score. That’s all there is to know really — the actual game was a snoozer. There was a lot of potential for an offensive shootout, but unfortunately the Chiefs couldn’t get much going at all. Well, except for field goals. Let’s go Harrison Butker!

Really, who could be surprised? The general rule around the league is to never bet against Brady. Fans were quick to arrive via bandwagon back in the summer when Brady left Bill Belichick and New England for warmer weather in Tampa. It also doesn’t hurt that the Bucs also had Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Ndamukong Suh at the time. Things got even scarier when Tom successfully recruited Gronk, Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette. Hey, did you know LeSean McCoy is also on the Buccaneers this year? That’s two Super Bowl rings in a row without a snap of football played. Clutch.

This is an article for the opinion page after all, so enough statistics and theory — I’ll say how I feel about Brady winning the 7th ring. Insert eye rolls and respect where respect is due.

First of all, I’m a Washington Football Team fan, even if we’re pretty bad and don’t even have a name. It was almost a pleasure to lose to the Buccaneers in the first round of playoffs. While I’m at it, I’ll also mention that Tyler Heinicke performed better than any postseason QB Brady had to face this year.

I’ll be honest though, I used to hate Tom Brady when he was with the Patriots, but after he left, he proved that the success was him and not the system. He is still the bad guy in the league, but who doesn’t love a good villain? I didn’t agree with a lot of the officiating during this game either, but what’s new? Either way, it was a bad game for Tyrann Mathieu. I do love the Chiefs too, so it was a shame they couldn’t repeat their success. Brady just had to solidify himself as the GOAT before Patrick can take off.