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Making Gains on Valentine’s Day: Couple Workouts


Written by Sydney Brenner

Due to COVID-19, gyms have become a potential hotspot for the spread of the virus. At-home workouts can be a safer alternative than visiting your local gym. At-home duo workouts allow you to “get those gains” while also allowing your workout partner to give you a helping hand. Two partner workout routines can be a great way to burn off some of those added Super Bowl calories, while also becoming more psychically connected with your workout partner. This Valentine’s Day, grab your S.O. or bestie and break a sweat with these awesome duo workouts. 

#1. Plank Hold and Leap

 This workout, due to the mechanics of it, requires some trust in your workout partner. Get ready for a slight challenge with the Plank Hold and Leap, which requires one workout partner to jump over the other. The first step requires that one partner lay on the floor in a plank position and this plank can be held from 30-60 seconds. Next, the other partner will jump over the individual in the plank position. Feel free to take as many breaks as you need and choose however many reps you would like based on your stamina. 


#2. Wheelbarrow Stride

If you love being carried by your romantic partner or your bestie, this is definitely the workout for you! First, one workout partner will get into the plank position with their arms fully outstretched and their palms on the floor. Then, the second person will slowly pick up the legs of their workout partner, so that their lower half is off the floor. Finally, both individuals will walk forward at a moderate pace. One person will walk forward using mainly their hands, while the other will walk forward using mainly their legs. Breaks are essential during this exercise and this exercise can be performed multiple times in increments of 45-60 seconds. 


#3. Classic Curl-ups

Sometimes, we all need a little extra motivation, and this workout provides just that! This workout is the simplest one of all three and requires few steps. First, one partner will get on the floor and prepare themselves for curl-ups. Then, the other partner will hold their feet to stabilize them. If you are holding your partner’s feet, make sure to give them some encouragement through a high- five! Switch places after the first partner completes anywhere from 10-35 curl-ups. Breaks are encouraged and make sure to stretch and drink water after any workouts. 

All of these workouts work different areas of the body and can be completed at different paces. The Plank Hold and Leap mainly exercises the core and legs, the Wheelbarrow Stride mainly focuses on the core, arms, and legs of the body, and the classic curl-ups mainly works the back and core of the body. Duo workouts can be a great way to bond with your friend or romantic partner and is a safe COVID activity for Valentine’s Day.