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How to Celebrate the Semester’s End


Written by Zach “the End is Only the Beginning” Dalton

 Here we are, Maroons. The end of the semester. I mention in my opinion piece how difficult the semester has been so I will not get into that too much here, but let’s just say the end of the semester calls for celebration. Here are some safe ways to celebrate!

  1.  Do a little photoshoot! Most everyone has a phone with some sort of camera in it. Go out and around campus and do a photoshoot with your friends! This is a great way to celebrate each other and the bond you formed over the semester.
  2. Have a Friends-giving! This was introduced to me by the Brackety-Ack staff themselves. Pick a date and time and have all of your friends get together. Everyone should bring their own dish and drinks and you can enjoy a college Thanksgiving. If someone has already left or can’t make it, do it over Zoom as well so everyone can enjoy it!
  3. Go for a hike! Get together with your group and drive up towards Macaffee’s Knob or Sawtooth Trail and go take in nature. Once you get to the top, enjoy the view with everyone and maybe just sit and talk with each other because you won’t be seeing each other for a couple of months.
  4.  A gift exchange! This one is good to knock out two birds with one stone. Here you can all get together and hangout, but at some point start a gift exchange. This could be anything from a Secret Santa or White Elephant. A personal favorite of mine is wrapping a box up multiple times. Play music and whenever the song stops the person unwraps the gift. Whatever number they get is the present they unwrap. Make it interesting by allowing steals!

However you choose to celebrate, I just want to say thank you to everyone for doing their part to ensure this semester could be as successful as it could be. Be smart over break and get ready to do even more in the spring! See you all then, Maroons!