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Lessons From The Bachelor(ette)- By a Major Fan Girl: Episode 6


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Bachelor Nation’s televisions have been blessed with the newest season of The Bachelorette, which first premiered on October 13, and Bachelor Nation has been going crazy ever since then when Clare said she believed she already met her husband. 

For the last few weeks, it seemed like The Bachelorette had turned into the Clare and Dale show. Every date Clare went on she couldn’t stop thinking about Dale and every conversation she had seemed to circle back to Dale. Viewers couldn’t help but roll their eyes at the mere mention of this former NFL athlete; however, Clare’s attraction towards Dale isn’t surprising as he is doing all of the right things. 

  1. He stepped out of the limo with confidence. Nothing was particularly special about his introduction with Clare (that is until she said he was her husband). He smiled, asked her how she was, and gave her a big hug. It lasted 20 seconds, but in those 20 seconds, he was confident in himself and in turn that left her wanting to know more. 
  2. Again, all Dale really did was hug her, so maybe that’s a ticket to leaving a last impression. He lifted her off the ground which let Clare know he was really excited to meet her without him having to say anything cheesy. When he left, she said he was a good hugger. 
  3. During their first conversation together, Dale took the time to get to know her before going in for the kiss. Of course, after he was given the first impression rose, he went for it, but letting the tension build a little bit made Clare have to see him again that night.
  4. Dale isn’t afraid to stand up for Clare. When another contestant, Youssef, insulted Clare during the third episode, Dale was the first one to reach out to Clare and make sure she was okay. He later said that he has sisters and has grown up being protective of them, so that same energy came out for Clare. 
  5. Going back to point two, while comforting Clare, Dale gave her a hug which made her feel safe. Feeling safe in a hug is a top tier characteristic of a good hug. In that hug she felt comfortable enough to cry and be vulnerable. 

Yes, we are all tired of hearing about his and Clare relationship, but can we blame Clare for being drawn to him? I don’t think so. Is it maybe too much too soon? To many viewers, yes, but hey, she’s happy with Dale, so now we get to see Tayshia take over!