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Say Goodbye to Examination Frustrations


Written by Lucy Collins 

Exam week at Roanoke College is quickly approaching. The Brackety-Ack Staff wants Maroons to be prepared for their finals, so here are some helpful tips to prepare for upcoming exams! The number one priority is to complete all the final projects, presentations or papers that were assigned by each professor. This is the most important task to complete prior to studying for exams because it allows you to focus solely on your tests. Next, find a calendar or planner to mark the times and dates of each exam. This is a helpful tactic to organize your exam schedule so you can plan out the week in advance. The next tip is to have all studying materials organized for each class, pertaining to what is on the exam. Next, make a study guide of the materials. In order to retain the information in the best way possible, handwrite the study guide. It is proven that writing by hand allows people to remember information more accurately, compared to making a study guide on Word or a Google Doc. Next, study, study and study some more! But remember to take a break from studying, to refresh the mind and to limit overworking the brain. The night before an exam, be sure to get a full night’s sleep. Go to bed at a decent hour, wake up and eat a healthy breakfast and prepare for the examination! While testing, take your time and focus on each question. If there is a question that is confusing, skip it and answer the questions that are easier to answer, then return to the confusing question and rack your brain for the most plausible answer. Most of all, try not to stress! Meditation tactics are a good way to reduce stress before or after an exam. It is important to reference these tips in preparation for an exam. From all of us on the Brackety-Ack Staff, good luck on exams!