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Roanoke Eases up on Covid-19


Written by Jack Miller

As of last weekend, students woke up to hear that the college had reached zero positive cases on-campus. This is following a total of almost 1600 students being tested for COVID-19. During this period the college’s total cases dropped from 4 the previous week to 0. Not only have the cases remained at zero but as of right now this week brings no new cases.

President Maxey, in an email sent to the school, praised students for taking the necessary precautions throughout this semester and informed the on-campus residents that the college will now be easing up on the Covid policy. As of right now students are allowed one guest from a different residence hall per room provided the students wear a mask during the interaction. The college is continuing its policy of face coverings being required at all college sanctioned events and while in public spaces.

Looking ahead, the college is currently scheduled to continue hosting students next semester. President Maxey has informed students through his weekly emails that the college plans to remain open for the spring semester. The campus is often a place of safety and security for many students and the staff at Roanoke College are working to keep it that way. Next semester professors will have the option of hosting either on-campus synchronous classes or online classes via Zoom. President Maxey explains that he has heard from many students currently off-campus and feels like there is a large interest from the students to return to campus the following semester. COVID-19 regulations are still expected to remain in place to keep a handle on the health and safety of the student body, but are certain to ease up as the numbers once again drop.