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YOU Can Be a Radio Rebel


Written by Joyelle Ronan

If you’ve ever watched the Disney Channel Original movie Radio Rebel and highly identified with Debby Ryan’s character, WRKE may be for you. Whether you’re into talking politics or introducing the world to what’s new in music, any student or faculty can have a radio show on WRKE.

A new show this year is “Genre-Benders” hosted by freshman Jake Dellinger from Roanoke. Jake is currently undecided but is interested in music therapy and thinking of a double major in Psychology and Music.

“Genre-Benders is a radio show that plays songs that spans various decades and various genres as well. It stems from my love of all kinds of music, though you probably won’t hear any classical music on here. I love having a show on WRKE mainly because it gives me the opportunity to be myself more and I also find sharing songs with everyone one of the best qualities about music in general and would love to spread that message.” Says Jake.

It can be challenging to get involved in extracurriculars as freshman, especially this year. Having a show on WRKE is a great way to get involved on campus and, quite literally, make your voice heard. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about being on air, recruit a friend to help you with your show! Currently, WRKE is only allowing two students at a time in the studio due to COVID-19 precautions.

“I feel like having a radio show is important to the college experience,” Jake adds. “Especially for those with music or communications majors – because it opens the opportunity for one to pursue a career in doing radio shows.”

If you are interested in having a show next semester, you can contact Zach Dalton at ztdalton@mail.roanoke.edu. Be sure to check out “Genre-Benders” on Fridays from 6-7 pm and all of the other great radio shows that WRKE has to offer online at WRKE.org or live at 100.3 fm.