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Rocky Events on the Quad


Written by Mateo Biggs

In the midst of the harsh restrictions in place to battle COVID-19, Roanoke College has tried to give students fun events to brighten up their weeks. One such event happened over the week of Halloween—dubbed “Halloweek” by students who took the creepy holiday to harrowing extremes.

On Oct. 26, CAB and Alpha Phi Omega hosted an interactive screening of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on the back quad. Many of the working staff did the classic Time Warp dance (the Brackety-Ack’s own editor-in-chief, Kaelyn Spickler, being one of the brave souls to stand up from her seat) to the backhanded responses of the audience as the props table handed out scripts for them. The night was filled with excited chatter, buzzing laughter (especially as one student showed up dressed as Rocky himself) and slight dancing as people got more wrapped up in the movie.

Even though the weather cooled to a bone-chilling temperature, those at the refreshments table were quick to offer hot cider and hot chocolate that would warm you deep in your core. Even if you didn’t want anything hot, refreshments such as simple water or popcorn for those mainly hungry were readily available. Under normal circumstances, the event would have been fully perfect.

Unfortunately, despite the peaceful air that remained almost undisturbed throughout the night, it was hard to forget what was happening outside the peaceful bubble on the back quad. Your nearest seat mate was typically six feet away, your voices were muffled behind masks and you couldn’t cuddle with your partner in the chill autumn air. This could have been seen as a let-down, with human contact basically banned due to restrictions. However, it is important to be reminded of our job here at RC—to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

As the semester wraps up, this goal appears to have been met. Even with the limits in place, students have followed through, while still managing to have fun together on campus to present unity through trouble. As students say goodbye and head to what they call home, it is important for them to remind themselves of the relief that will come once this pandemic is over—and the fun CAB will cook up for them.