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Folk of ‘Noke: Zoey Nichols


Written by Brice Hall

Today for Folks at ‘Noke we decided to highlight Zoey Nichols. Zoey is a Freshman here at  Roanoke College. As a first semester Freshman, she has made the right choice in not declaring her major yet and instead electing to explore more of the academic disciplines offered at Roanoke. However, she has said that she is very interested in Business Administration and will most likely be studying that.  

Zoey is a part of Younglife as well as the Maroon Baptist Fellowship! She is glad that she was able to find these communities and when asked what advice she would give to other  Freshmen or other incoming students, she responded, “get involved in extracurriculars and to  set aside time to relax or to just take a break from academics even if it is just for fifteen  minutes!” It’s always a good idea to set boundaries and find time to relax. 

Another reason Zoey was chosen to be highlighted for this issue is her experience here at Roanoke College with the paranormal. She was apart of Roanoke’s Ghost INQ 110 and she saw something spooky. This is our Halloween issue and it wouldn’t be complete without a good ghost story. 

 “I was in Monterrey house on September 22nd with my INQ 110 class ‘Ghosts and  Human Perceptions’. We had been in the house for about forty minutes just going over the  history of the house. I, along with Zoe Zimmerman, decided to go down to the cellar to set up for our investigation. I sat my phone on the infirmary bed to record the sounds from the cellar. While Zoe was in the first room of the cellar, I was in the back setting up a  thermometer and a compass. When I was heading back to where she was, I saw an orb of light out of the corner of my eye. I first thought that it was a reflection from my glasses, but the orb was still there for a couple of seconds before disappearing. I was freaked out, to begin with, and  Zoe and I tried multiple different things to see if something had caused it, but neither one of us  could replicate the orb.” 

Thank you Zoey for that terrifying tale. We here at the Brackety-Ack hope that you’re not haunted by it! Stay safe this Halloween Maroons!