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Spooky Injuries Hit NFL

Cowboys at Redskins 10/29/17

Written by Kate Clatterbuck

Since the start of the 2020 NFL season in early September, multiple teams have suffered great losses as key players are sidelined with serious injuries. Beginning in Week 2, a wave of injuries prevented many teams from gaining predicted wins. 

Suffering a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Carolina Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey underwent a high ankle sprain in Week 2. McCaffrey, a running back, is in his fourth NFL season, being with the Panthers since he was drafted in 2017. Unfortunately, during his second touchdown of the game, McCaffrey suffered an ankle injury which has kept him on the sidelines since. While the Panthers won three consecutive games without McCaffrey, they are in need of his return as they face challenging teams in the upcoming weeks. 

In their Week 2 face off against the Jets, the San Francisco 49ers lost defensive end Nick Bosa to a torn ACL. Although they won that same game against the Jets, the 49ers have lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins since Bosa’s injury. Bosa has played for the 49ers since they picked him in the 2019 draft, becoming a star defensive end for the team. Being his second ACL tear, Bosa is out for the remainder of the season, as he enters rehab for his knee.

Beginning the second quarter of their Week 2 face-off with the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley was sidelined with a knee injury, resulting in their second loss of the season. The Giants have had a struggling start, holding a 1-5 record, only scrapping out a win against the Washington Football Team by 1 point. After having an MRI, it was announced Barkley had suffered a torn ACL, the second on Week 2’s injury list. Although the Giants face many powerful teams in the upcoming weeks, they will forge ahead without Barkley, as he is out for the remainder of the season. 

A devastating injury for the Dallas Cowboys took place in Week 5, during their win against the Giants when Dak Prescott fractured and dislocated his ankle. Prescott was the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, leading the team to a 2-3 season. Unfortunately, Prescott’s injuries have ended his season, as he faces surgery and a lengthy recovery. Andy Dalton, a recent addition to the Cowboys after his 2020 release from the Cincinnati Bengals, will replace Prescott as starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. 

With 10 weeks left in this season, the consequences facing these teams due to player injuries will continue to play out. Whether sidelined or out for the season, these injured players are facing challenging weeks ahead, reflected by their team’s struggles on the field without key players.