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The Best Part of October

Photo from a pumpkin patch near Mount Vernon, WA

Written by Chamberlain “Count” Zulauf

There’s a lot to love about spooky season. Some like the weather and changing leaves, while others embrace more sinister themes. There are some fun Halloween decorations around campus this time of year. Cutesy ghosts and witch decals on dorm doors, orange lights hanging from command strips, plastic skeletons, costumes, candy bowls, and so on. Does anyone else miss trick or treating?

I believe that there is one October specific item that is above the rest. I’m talking, of course, about the most versatile October essential: Pumpkins. They are the ultimate symbol of spooky season. They’re in our drinks and pies and on our shirts. Every grocery store has hundreds of them on sale every fall. Looking for premium pumpkins? Make a day trip by visiting a pumpkin patch. Not only that, but you can carve and paint them too. Then you could pop the seeds into the oven with some salt and oil. Nothing beats a pumpkin in October.  

If you couldn’t tell, I love pumpkins. In fact, I have four special ones in my dorm. The big one is the momma, her name is Nancy. Then there’s Igor, with the long twisty (but beautiful) stump, Nelson in the middle, and Matilda on the right. I like to think of pumpkins as being people too. So, I keep them right in the middle of my dorm so that they know I respect them.

If you were wondering if I talk to my pumpkins… yes. Yes, I do.