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The Girls of Autumn


Written by Kristi Rolf

 If you have been active on social media over the past month or so, I’m sure that your feed has become full of fall-themed posts. There seems to be a particular demographic who embraces this season more than others: Millennial and Gen-Z women. These women generally immerse themselves in the aesthetic of the season, donning boots, sweaters, blanket scarves, and jeans as they fill our Instagram feeds with pictures of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and vibrant foliage. As harmless and wholesome this trend is, it isn’t immune to becoming the butt of the internet’s latest joke. Anything can be poked fun at on social media and this annual phenomenon of fall-fever has been dubbed Christian Girl Autumn. 

This term first appeared on Twitter in August 2019 as the sequel to Hot Girl Summer, a phrase from the music of rapper Megan Thee Stallion that went viral that July. A viral tweet from user @lasagnabby that read, “Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn” sparked a slew of memes. As the meme resurges this fall for a second year, I feel like Christian Girl Autumn is a familiar tradition. The young women lining up outside of Starbucks in their familiar fall fashion are as predictable as the return of the pumpkin spice lattes they are waiting to order. 

The idea of Christian Girl Autumn relies heavily on a stereotype, but it reminds me that fall is an exciting season for all types of people. While some look forward to quaint and cozy fall activities, others are drawn to spooky Halloween traditions, and many welcome cooler weather as the herald of the upcoming holiday season. While it’s tempting to see the annual slew of autumn content on social media as repetitive or tiring, let’s remember that it only lasts for a few short months and represents the simple joy that the changing season inspires. So, let’s enjoy this fad as one of the few current internet trends that are not depressing or frightening.