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Fun Fall Festivities


Written by Zach “Why is it Fall and Autumn” Dalton

Last issue we wrote about how Fall is officially here. Well now that the weather is starting to cool and the leaves will be changing in the near future here are a few fundamental fall festivities for fun fellas (and lady-fellas).

1.) Johnny Appleseed of the Modern Time- Get your friends together and socially distance in a car as you drive to the nearest apple orchard. Apple picking is a great time to bond, search for the perfect apple, and of course snap a couple of pics for the ‘gram. The closest orchard to RC is only 15 miles away at Ikenberry Orchards where apple picking starts on the 17th. Sure you could just go to Kroger where apples are currently $1.99 instead of the $20 admission, two hours of waiting in traffic, and probably 30 more minutes for a ride to the orchard…but think about those aesthetic pictures.

2.) Put the “Spook” into Spooktober- What is the month of October without some scary times? There are a multitude of different activities you can do that revolve around being spooked. One can be doing a haunted attraction of some kind. There are plenty of such things around the area. Of course, check websites to make sure they’re running or what procedures they have. If you aren’t comfortable going to public places there is an alternative- get your friends over and turn on a scary movie! If you want something more interactive try to find some scary games you can all play together.

3.) It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown- First off, watch this movie! Secondly, go find the “great pumpkin” yourself and hit up a pumpkin patch! There is nothing more beautiful than going to a patch, finding the right pumpkin, and bringing it home to promptly cut it open and carve into a design you want. So beautiful. If you want to take part, Jeter Farm is a great start.

4.) We Didn’t Start the Fire, but We’ll Enjoy It- As the nights get cooler, a good fire pit and blankets create a cozy night. Bring some supplies to make s’mores and there is a good dessert for the night too. Roanoke has a few events with a fire pit and have their very own pit for students to use. Double check with the proper staff to see when and if you can use it.

5.) Take a Hike- Roanoke has a very active hiking culture with many trails to check out. As the leaves change these hikes will become exceptional. Bring your friends, especially one who takes good photos because the fall backdrop will make an excellent photoshoot. Make sure you set one to your profile picture on Facebook, so your family can see you’re alive and well. This activity is pretty straight forward, but in case you need some inspiration check out Outdoor Adventures’ Virtual Hike videos on MaroonTube!