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Election Countdown: Voter Registration


Written by Devon “Your Local Political Correspondent” Mitchell

Well Maroons, we are officially less than one month away from the election and it is becoming increasingly more urgent for you to register to vote if you have yet to do so. There are some important questions you need to be asking yourself first.  

First off, are you registered to vote? It seems silly but if you are unsure there are ways to check. A good resource is votesaveamerica.com. There you can check to see if you are registered and you can find out information about voting in your state, the candidates, and other pertinent information to the election. Another helpful tool is usa.gov. This resource confirms your voter registration information and provides helpful information on how to register. My personal favorite resource is calling or paying a visit to your town clerk’s office. Any questions you may have about how to register, your mail-in ballot, or even voting in general they would surely be able to help you out!  

Another question you need to know the answer to is when your state’s deadline for registering to vote. If you aren’t sure, under the ‘Know Your State” tab on the votesaveamerica website, you can find a list of important dates for your state, including the deadline. Under this tab, you can also find other interesting facts about your state, such as how many Electoral College votes it has, why certain states are important in an election, and any updates to voting. Every state handles voter registration and voting differently, so it’s important you do your research and keep up to date with any changes due to COVID or in general. For all of our Virginia friends in the Roanoke community, your deadline is October 13th. That’s only a couple of days away, so make sure you know if you’re registered. If you’re not get on that ASAP!  

Additionally, as we are coming to the close of another election make sure you are researching to ensure you are making an informed decision. You are not just voting for the President. Your ballot may include State Representatives, as well as Federal Representatives. Become familiar with the names on your ballot and the ways they plan to serve their constituents (that’s you). Voting and registering to vote is not a partisan issue. It is one of the most important rights we hold as Americans. Not everyone who lives here can vote. Felons in some states and permanent non-citizens are of those whose voices are not heard through a ballot. So, if you aren’t going to vote for yourself, vote for them. Make your voice heard in the easiest way possible and show up at the polls, whether that be in person or through the mail.